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Journalists and bloggers, communicators and tourism experts. The Editorial team of “La Liguria Racconta” is made up by many different professionals. What they have in common is the desire to make people discover Liguria from a different angle. We are an open – minded team: we discuss, share our impressions and make new discoveries together. The only objective is to grow in number.

Edoardo Meoli

Me and Liguria: a beautiful story. I like to see it, travel through it in a rush or stop somewhere; immerse myself in its colours, flavours, landscapes. Talk with it by talking to its people. I like telling tales about it and I never get bored. Each time is like the first.

Francesca Montaldo

I spend the majority of my weekends strolling around Liguria looking for the best cliffs to climb, it’s my passion! A dip in the sea after the office and a Spritz at sunset are priceless. Living in Liguria tastes of holiday all year round.

Luigi Barlocco

A huge fan of one delicious dish from inland Liguria: la Frandura. “From the world’s navel” – my hamlet – I wander curiously along Liguria in search of true experiences.

Do you want a suggestion for an out-of-town trip? The Museo dell’Orologio in Tovo San Giacomo!

Giuliana Carraro

A mountaineering spirit who loves the greenery of the valleys but is also enchanted by the blue of the sea: this is me and Ligura, my land offers all of this.

Chiara Repetto

I have always travelled, firstly on shoulders, then with a backpack, now often with a suitcase. But my land is like a short piece of elastic- the more you pull the more you want to return. My land is called Liguria.

Speme Polimeni

A free spirit like me can’t not live in Liguria: an embrace of mountains and the sea, between east and west makes me feel protected but free to go and return, because the immense sea leaves infinite roads open.

Chiara De Vito

A curious Genoese fascinated by all that is authentic, good and unusual. I’m constantly looking to discover and rediscover things, to share things and to remember. I travel in Liguria, ergo sum.

Yael Razzoli

A holiday-like air all year round, even when I’m working or curiously strolling around Genoa, my adoptive city. My bread is tourism and the web with an eye on the social and the environment. In my bag, within the immense disorder that I call ‘creative’, I’m never without a book or my camera.

Barbara Lombardi

My world in 5 words: Genoa, Liguria, Instagram, Pentax, mommy. I love travelling and taking pictures, I like discovering and revealing Liguria, its sea, its inland, its food specialties, it beauties… I write, I read, I think and I grow up a bit more every day.

Marina Orsini

I am a dreamer but I am also down to earth, I love Genoa and Pegli. Every time I feel worried about something, all I need to put a smile back on my face is to gaze at the sea. I love travelling to new places, but I also love coming back and feeling “at home”.

Eleonora Caldari

I am from Liguria, Genoese by adoption: I love this region, which never ceases to amaze me. I look around me to catch images I can keep in my mind and in my hearth… this is why I travel, the destination can be far away or near home, it doesn’t matter! What I do love is discovering something new every time, driven by my curiosity and my restlessness, with an apple and a good book with me.

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