My Travel Blogger Elevator: on the roofs of Genoa

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Each of us has done a different journey to get there, but in the end we all arrived with a lift over the roofs of Genoa. The doors open and so the same passion and the same desire to share, the same curiosity to see the world and the same love for writing made bloggers from all over the world come there in the last warm weekend in Liguria. This was my Travel Blogger Elevator.

Writing is traveling and I would like to continue to do so.

I started writing on my travel blog when I didn’t even know there were others. Then it happens that you get attached to some of them, read them and follow them for months and when you finally see their faces you think you have known them for years.

And you meet again travel companions met on a trip in the mountains, but this time you are all there near the sea, with Genoa seen from the seventh floor of the Grand Hotel. In the first few minutes you feel already comfortable and feel that coming was a good idea. Professionals from all the world are following one another on stage with presentations, useful workshops and case histories.

genova tetti viaggio paesaggio ascensoreYes, I came back home changed by this event: I discovered another world thanks to the experience of foreign personalities who have followed their passion working in tourism. I would like to continue to follow my blog’s voice, despite the Italian reality sometimes is inclined to homologate looking for greater visibility. I’m going to listen to Lola‘s precious advices about local tourism and also Jayne‘s ones about working with brands. They made me believe that you can, if you want. And again thanks to Jayne, I would like to write again in English as at the beginning, obviously about more interesting topics.

I have also overcome the fear of the microphone telling my blog to a hundred people in less than 5 minutes and I also experienced the excitement of answering questions during an interview in front of a camera, just like when I was a child and I played, but this time it was all true.

And then I spoke in English with people of all nationalities, and I spoke better than I expected. I maintained contact with boys and girls who live on the other side of the world and we exchanged ideas, experiences and advices.

Who gave me more food for thought are the EnglishAmericanScottishSlovaksGermans guys; what I liked is their spontaneous and so different approach to this world. And the point is that some of them have made their blogs their lives.

valigia rosaThat’s what helped me that elevator: you have always to look at things from another perspective. From the top of that hotel I was able to see better, leaving me inspired by stories so different from ours. And if it doesn’t go as you hoped it doesn’t matter, because there will always be more, there’s always something else out there. Just have your eyes to see it.

I came home thinking about all the things I would have written in this piece, but in the end there is nothing to say except that… if I hadn’t gone to Genoa, now I would be still the same person on these pages. But changes are inevitable.

And now I’m sure that doing what we do better in life is always the best choice. I don’t know if this is my way, if I have numbers to do it or if anyone will notice that sometimes there’s more than numbers, but now this is what I love to do.

Writing is traveling and I would like to continue to do so.


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