Liguria: Digital Diary Preview

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They’re packing, getting their cameras ready and feeling like they are already here.

From Madrid, Cape Town, Toronto, St. Petersburg and other time zones, they are getting here in Genoa on Sunday 13th October.

There is an idea uniting them to us, an idea which is simple yet smart. Here goes: you just can’t forget Italy, Nobody forgets their trip to Italy.

This is why Mikaela Bandini created web platform cantforgetitaly containing the Digital Diaries of young bloggers, video makers and photographers, which tell the story of a side of Italy you can’t find on tourist guides and you can’t read on manuals: a must for those who love to travel.

Here is when we came into play. We launched an invitation to young, talented video makers around the world: come and visit us for one week in Liguria, travel coast to coast and discover every nook and cranny of our region, live all the experiences it has to offer and discover Genoa, Dolceacqua, Apricale, Finale, Noli, Bussana Vecchia, and Camogli, Portofino, the Cinque Terre for the Digital Diary Project.

We promise to make you understand why songwriters become poets here.

We promise you a trip in the trip. We promise to make you understand why songwriters become poets here and why the Cinque Terre are a world heritage site, why Genoa alone can tell the story of the Mediterranean sea and why gold has the colour of our oil, and not vice versa. Each village has its own castle but we are all born and raised free, because we are people of the sea, accustomed to look beyond the horizon.

Be our guests from Monday 14th October: we will take you to the discovery of a beautiful scenery, so that you can make it live.

And this is only a preview!

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