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There are many fantastic ways to explore the enchanting coastal region of Liguria: you could find accommodation in one of the B&Bs, a family-run ‘Agriturismo’ or book your accommodation in one of the best hotels around. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, luxurious and combined with adventure, a yacht charter vacation might be the right choice for you. To tickle your senses and to get you inspired, we have put together an example of an itinerary with some of the popular destinations along the Ligurian coastline.

Let’s get cruising…

The exciting first day of you holiday has come and here you are, in the charming Mediterranean setting of Sanremo, ready for new adventures. Before stepping aboard your yacht, spend the morning strolling the city’s renowned street, Via Matteotti, also called “The Tub”; purchasing those last minute pieces of designer clothing from one of the chic boutiques. If architecture and history are your passion, walk along the Corso degli Inglesi where you will find the Municipal Casino and the Russian Church built at the end of the 19th century. Following your morning stroll, the crew on board will be waiting for you, ready to leave the dock and head east to Portofino.


Enjoy the cruise, perhaps sipping on a refreshing glass of Ligurian wine, nibbling on local specialities prepared by your personal Chef on board. Liguria is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine, the Genoese Pesto, high-quality olive oil, king prawns or the fantastic focaccia bread. There are numerous fine-dining restaurants and local trattorias along the coastline. These can be easily incorporated into your itinerary to complete your Italian experience.

Enjoy the view whilst approaching Portofino and get ready to explore the town, which was once a small historic fishing village. Portofino is one of the most famous ports in the Mediterranean and a sought-after destination amongst discerning travellers. This charming and picturesque port is framed by rolling hills covered in olive groves. While in Portofino, you could choose to dine ‘al fresco’ aboard your yacht, indulge in the beautiful views of the coastline from the restaurant at Hotel Splendido, or book the best table at the bustling restaurant Da Puny in the piazza. Stay at Portofino overnight and enjoy the deluxe staterooms offered by your superyacht.

Next day cruise along the coastline to the nearby Santa Margherita or Rapallo and explore these magical little costal towns during the first half of the day. Continue along the coast to Cinque Terre – five charming and colourful villages connected along the Ligurian coast: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Enjoy the spectacular view of Cinque Terre, best admired when approached from the sea. The five villages can be visited via local small boats or by land. For the more adventurous, hiking paths interconnect the villages.

Continue your journey to Porto Venere or you could anchor off Palmaria – an island just off the coast in the Nature Reserve. Stay overnight in Porto Venere. Next day explore Porto Venere, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with Cinque Terre, in 1997. This ancient port dates back to at least the middle of the 1st century BC. Here you could visit the Gothic Church of St. Peter dating back to the 5th century, the Romanesque church of St. Laurence from 1098 or the Doria Castle with its walls running around the historic centre of the town.

Spend the evening and the next day anchored away from the coastline enjoying the fantastic Ligurian sea and the vast selection of water toys offered by your yacht.  You could choose to kayak to secluded bays, snorkel or simply enjoy a fantastic ride aboard your Jetski.  Liguria has plenty of ‘secret’ beaches with hidden bays, and your Captain will be at your disposal to arrange day-trips should you desire to.  One of the beautiful paradise beaches is located in the Gulf of Poets, on the island of Palmaria. The Pozzale Cove (or the Beach of Gulls) is renowned for its smooth pebbles, white rocks and surrounding green pinewoods.

You Ligurian charter holiday can be further enriched by the many festivals and events. Ask your Captain and the crew for the latest information and programs, in order to include those that are of your interest in your itinerary.  You might like to attend the ‘Animatheatre’, a multimedia event held over three nights in multiple locations: Camogli, Finale Imperia, Savona, La Spezia and Ventimiglia, or other summer festivals in the region.

Unfortunately holidays do end, but we are sure you will come back for more! On your last day, cruise back to Genoa for disembarkation. Take advantage of your stay in Genoa and schedule a visit to the famous Aquarium of Genoa and the Old Harbour. Amongst the ‘must see’ places in Genoa are the palaces of the Rolli, another place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the perfect time to take care of your final shopping spree, stocking up on beautiful Italian souvenirs for family and friends, before heading back home after a fulfilling vacation with plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

From speedy motor yachts, spacious catamarans to elegant sailing yachts, there is a wide selection of crewed vessels available to cruise the Ligurian coastline.

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