Cinque Terre by Felicia Hargarten

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We wake up and look at the sea outside the window of the Residence Giada in Moneglia. What a beautiful day, what a resplendent sun!

We managed to arrive here by train from Berlin, passing by Bologna. The Ligurian coast and the Cinque Terre were a wonderful suggestion from my friend Giulia who lives in Germany. “It’s really beautiful there” she told me, and as always she was right. I can’t wait to go to the beach!

Riomaggiore – Manarola

We take the train to Riomaggiore. We love the coloured façades of the houses and the steep alleyways straight away. “I need a pizza”, I say to Marcus.

We spend a long time sitting by the sea watching the seagulls and we climb up alleyways and stairways. The blue sea and green cacti complete the whole image perfectly. What a spectacle of colour. I even really like the various small fishing boats. They’re there, in every size and shape, waiting to set off.

I have already travelled to more than 36 countries in the world, but I still haven’t seen a place like this.

We chat with Oliver, an artist who paints little canvases of the 5 small towns, and the steamboat for Manarola leaves without us. Initially we also want to do the walk from Manarola to Corniglia but when we finally arrive in Manarola with the next boat it is too late.

cinque terre paesaggio foto liguriaAs well as this I also realise I only have fuchsia flip-flops on my feet. What a shame!

Monterosso – Vernazza

The next day we set off again by train from Moneglia. Our aim: to walk from Manarola to Corniglia.

But when the train stops at Monterosso I shout: “Wasn’t that other lovely path to Vernazza here?”

“Yesss, I really think so!”. We get off quickly. It’s boiling. We stock up on water and follow the signs for path number 2 – and we’re off! A lot of steps to climb and a succession of viewpoints. What a wonderful view! Simply fantastic!

cinque terre paesaggio foto liguriaIt’s really fun walking along all these little tracks. Behind every curve a new view is waiting. The most beautiful is found when we get near to Vernazza. I’m damp with sweat and content.

When we arrive in Vernazza we understand why they say that this town is one of the most beautiful of the five!

Manarola – Volastra – Corniglia

This time we manage to get off in Manarola for the walk to Corniglia. We do a short part of the climb by bus and set off directly from high up above the sea.

cinque terre paesaggio foto liguriaTo the right and left stretch beautiful vineyards as far as the eye can see. The path is small and narrow, and to the left the descent towards the coast is steep. The view reminds me of rice terraces in Asia.

It really isn’t surprising that the Cinque Terre make up part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Yellow and green butterflies flutter all around. After a two-hour walk we see our destination from up high: Corniglia. Each of these five towns has its own charm.

It’s very difficult to say which is the most beautiful. I think Riomaggiore, followed by Vernazza!

One thing is for certain: over the next few days I want to walk even more!!

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