Digital Diary Liguria – Little Liguria by Filippo Rivetti

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digital diary liguria little video cortoBorn and raised in Italy, I moved to Australia more than seven years ago.

Digital Diary Liguria gave me the opportunity to go back visiting this beautiful region in a way I’ve never done before, and doing what I love.

The fact that I was the only Italian (together with Angelo) among an international team of video makers didn’t diminish my joy in rediscovering the flavours and smells of Liguria!

My aim was to portray the region utilizing time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques, creating a miniature Liguria (Little Liguria, indeed).

From the West Coast to the East Coast I’ve tried to capture the most interesting views, often from unusual points of view.

digital diary liguria little video cortoFrom the West Coast to the East Coast I’ve tried to capture the most interesting views, often from unusual points of view: there is so much to see in Liguria, and having only six days at our disposal the schedule has been quite intense!

The organization of the girls of In Liguria and Mikaela from Can’t Forget Italy has been unforgettable!

We saw the most amazing places and ate traditional food in the most characteristic restaurants, but not only: we visited the old oil mill in Albenga, stayed at Vescovado in Noli (with its already famous pre-dessert), and watch the preparation of pesto and cheese focaccia.

This experience has been enhanced exponentially by meeting and exchanging ideas with the other videomakers, since everyone had his style and his personal technique for filming and tell emotions: from the scary “lens between the fingers” of John, to the mirror stop motion of twins Olga and Tatiana.

digital diary liguria little video cortoAnd enthusiasm felt by them (some of which have never been to Italy before) became instantly contagious!

Creating time-lapses is hard work! It means carrying around tons of equipment and meticulously setting-up every scene: it also allows, once everything is prepared, to enjoy for example a beautiful swim at San Fruttuoso at the end of October!

Or to savour an aperitivo during sunset on a terrace in Noli.

I can’t wait to have the chance to take part in another similar experience!

If you haven’t done it yet, watch my Little Liguria and all the other amazing videos!

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