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vernazza cinque terre paesaggio liguriaI am Jonn Carr.

Writing this text and reflecting on my life and my trip to Liguria is something that I am truly grateful for.

I started studying television production in 2004 in KwaZulu Natal – South Africa, with the dream of one day traveling the world and making films about my journey through life.

I graduated in 2008 and have since been fortunate enough to have seen and filmed some amazing places, while on some crazy adventures.

I have climbed the hills of Machu Picchu, tracked Jaguars through the forests of the Pantanal, sailed through the sky from the mountains to the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, cruised down the Amazon River in a house boat, ran half way around the world with a circus ,only to end up living on the side of a mountain in beautiful Cape Town South Africa, dreaming of my next adventure.

Imagine my surprise to find that amongst all these exotic destinations that I have been, Liguria in Italy is without a doubt the most beautiful of them all.

I was blessed to have the good fortune of joining the Digital Diary team on a recent trip to Liguria Italy – and I can say that I fell in love.

Not just once, but several times a day. Where else can you see a castle on a beach or dangle from the side of a mountain?

finale ligure arrampicata paesaggioI met the most amazing people from far corners of the globe, and some beautiful Italians on their doorsteps, like characters from the best novels you could ever read. At one point I commented that there was a postcard to be seen around every corner. The villages tucked into the mountains and bordered by oceans are spectacular.

Sometimes there are no words to describe what I have seen in Liguria. Rather it is something that has to be experienced by every human being. The kind of experiences that dreams are made of.

uomo ritratto barba bianco e neroThe magic of my film came alive in the action sport capital of Italy know as Finale Ligure.

It is here that I went rock climbing with some of the top mountain guides in the world and experienced the wild adventurous side of this amazing country.

I found myself dangling off cliff faces, strung between mountain peaks, capturing this adventure of a lifetime.
If you are wondering where in the world you could go to remember what life is about, or to capture the essence of a journey, to be inspired… then look no further than Liguria.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself by following the link to my video below.

Or better yet… book yourself a ticket and set course for this adventure of a lifetime.

You won’t regret it.

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