Digital Diary LIguria – Warm Liguria by Olga and Tatiana

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We are Olga and Tatiana, twin sisters from St-Petersburg.

After graduating University of Cinema and Television, we worked together as film directors duo and animators. Very soon animation became our life.

We had an idea with a mirror, but we didn’t know where to find the big one in Genova.

I think we were almost the last ones who applied to Digital Diary Liguria. In several weeks we got a call from Italy and after received the official letter that we are in! It was such a happy moment.

Our adventures started just from St-Petersburg airport when we were on the point of missing the plane; in Rome we almost missed the train. But we were always lucky.

digital diary olga tatiana warm liguriaFirst morning when we met other participants, we were a bit shocked how many cameras, lenses, equipment and dollies the other guys had. And we brought only one camera and one tripod, which we broke occasionally on the third day.

We had an idea with a mirror, but we didn’t know where to find the big one in Genova. We were on the point of panic, because we had impression that nobody has mirrors in Genova. Thanks to our Ligurian girls, who spent with us the whole day trying to find our most important device. In the late evening we were saved by Mikaela Bandini, who brought for us a perfect mirror from “@Urban Eden” which had an unusual form and old design.

These days which we spent in Liguria were the happiest days! We had a lot of fun shooting our film. We asked citizens to be our actors. But how surprised they were when we told them that they need carry or sit with the mirror. Our guys participants were happy as well to become a part of our film and we are very grateful to see them in our film.

digital diary olga tatiana warm liguriaWe wanted to show how the mirror reflects the city, how it shows hidden places, hidden dreams. Many our scenes and heroes we found occasionally, just crossing by.

During these days we saw so many magic places, beautiful sunsets from hill of Cinque Terre, from seaside, from windows and terraces. We saw how the olives were gathered, how the oil was made. Roberto Panizza – the best pesto cooker made a master class of real pesto Genovese! We have tried so many extremely tasty Italian nation dishes, that we never tried before. The dinner in Noli was like a fairy tale.

We had very family atmosphere with other guys and Ligurian girls, like we knew each other for ages. We still remember every second, every funny moment, every lesson that we got there, eyes and smiles of the people whom we got knew there. Go and visit Italy, get acquaint with people and they will show you their hearts.

“Girls, where is the mirror?” – still make us smile. Now we want to share with you all those warm, kind, emotional moments that we had in “Warm Liguria”. Enjoy our film. From Russian twins with love!

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