Digital Diary Liguria – Beyond Gravity by Simon Straetker

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It was an ordinary Friday Morning, I turned on my computer, checked my mails, started reading the World Nomads Newsletter and suddenly realized this outstanding note on the side of Newsletter. “Digital Diary Liguria and Can’t Forget Italy are looking for aspiring filmmakers to spend a one week all-paid holiday in Italy, filming their time and sharing it in a video-diary”. Soon my mind started dreaming about Cinque Terre, Blue Sea, Snorkeling, Italian Ice Cream, Beautiful Girls, Rock Climbing, Sun, free climbing, Diving and La bella Italia… This really can only be a dream, I told myself when I woke up back to reality. I clicked the link and read up about the contest but in fact it really was all true!

This really can only be a dream, I told myself when I woke up back to reality.

Two weeks, one application, tempting nights and a flight later I found myself in Liguria with other filmmakers from Russia, Canada, South Africa, Spain Australia, France and Italy – ready for an exciting week of discovering Liguria. My trip started with an early morning exploration of the countless small streets and tiny side-shops of Genova followed by another few cultural and culinary experiences in and around the city. But that was only the start…

climbing liguria turismo arrampicataWednesday marked the day where the real adventure began. Jonn, Francesca and myself road tripped to Finale Ligure i.e. Queenstown of Italy to film some serious extreme sport. Mind blown by the astounding mountains, overhanging cliffs, true sportspeople and the smell of the salt in the sea we made our way to some cliffs near Finale Ligure where we filmed Francesca, Betty and Ezio deep water soloing on the cliffs and abseiling a giant mountain cave.

Timing was short so after filming a few shots next to the cave and cliffs I got onto a boat to get a few underwater shots of them falling off the cliffs…

climbing liguria turismo arrampicataOur second day was one of the most exciting days of my life. After meeting up with two of the best high liners of Italy we made our way up a mountain through narrow caves, steep rocks and thorn thicket to finally arrive at two rocks about 500m above the ground – simply destined for high lining.

The guys quickly set up their highline and soon were off to themselves, simply performing their passion on that very thin 25m long piece of cord, fixed on two individual rocks. After three hours of magnificent sunset high lining we made our way back down abseiling on the rocks…

My time in Liguria was too nice to describe, too magical to keep it for myself, too tasty to loose weight and too short to not wanting to repeat it. I really can’t forget Italy!

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