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I grew up in Episcopia, a village in Lucania that I left at the age of eighteen to study in different European cities. Today I live in Paris where I work as a designer, but every time I go back to Italy I want the experience to be unforgettable and I do everything I can for it to be so both for the place and for the people who are with me.

The Digital Diary in Liguria allowed me first of all to discover a region of my country of which (inexplicably) I knew little about, as well as meeting new and interesting people. Everything doing what I love to do: show a place in timelapse.

All the places we visited during the week we spent in Liguria have something fascinating.

Genoa was very kind to Ruben (look at the girls he filmed) while for me it was covered with clouds. Even if I have to say that then Genoa greed us with a beautiful morning view from the studios of Pimocanale, as if she wanted to be forgiven for the clouds of the past days.

The following destinations have given us more vivid colors but not without surprises. To capture the first real sunset we “forced” our nice driver David to take an unscheduled break in Santo Stefano a Mare. So I placed my equipment at the end of the rocks, risking to be joined by a few more lively waves. In the end it was worth it, both for the result (just look at the last few seconds of my video ” Liguria in to Lapse “) and because Mikaela Bandini has turned our wait into an “happy hour timelapse” Philip and I agreed that it is a new concept we should explore!

However the most poetic and evocative sunset was the one we saw from the terraced vineyards of Cinque Terre. An atmosphere really unique.

The other reason that has made the experience of the Digital Diary unforgettable was the meeting with the other film-makers. They are all talented in their own way and “inspiring”. From the youngest Simon to the most experienced Jonathan.

liguria in a lapse corto angelo digital diaryI had an exchange of ideas with all of them, both from a professional level (I learned something from each of them) and a human and cultural one. Yes, because since I am Italian I wanted to be sure that all the others could make the most of their experience in Italy (for some of them it was the first time there). I taught the Canadian boys Miguel and Jake how to make a real “scarpetta” after a nice dish of pasta al pesto and how much cooler it is to drink a good glass of wine (there are really excellent wines in Liguria) than a simple beer. I showed the twins Olga and Tatiana how to speak Italian using only a few gestures and monosyllable verse . At the end of the week they needed so little effort to let us understand how much they had enjoyed the dinner.

And here we come to another strong point: the food! I have never eaten so well during a trip as far as I can remember. You can ask Antonello for confirmation! From creamy pesto handmade by “Il Genovese “ to the super powers of the Michetta in Dolceacqua , from crispy focaccia of Vernazza to the mysterious ” pre-dessert ” of “Il Vescovado”. The girls of Agenzia In Liguria really welcomed us as if we were old friends to whom you save the best.

In short, the week in Liguria with “Can’t Forget Italy” has been an incredible physical and mental journey. It was also a week of hard work, but I have been rewarded by all that this region and the people I have met there left me. If I could, I would leave again tomorrow and I invite you all to do the same. In the meantime, enjoy my video “in Liguria to lapse”.


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