Digital Diary Liguria – A Dream about Genova

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I was born in 1981 in Extremadura and I’ve been living in Madrid for 7 years, where I work as film-maker with Antonello Novellino. I was nervous during the days before the selection of Digital Diary Liguria 2013. Then, I received the e-mail. It was an e-mail with a picture in black and white of 8 smiling girls who stared at the camera and gave me the welcome in the project. I calmed down and I thought: “I’m here. I’m part of the project”.

After that, I took off the plane to Liguria. I felt like a student who did a search on the internet…but after 7 days it was all different.

Surprise: this is the power of Liguria, the power of this experience. The power to surprise you at all.

This is the title of our video: “A dream about Genova…”. An experience that goes beyond the senses, you are probably not used to. You won’t be accustomed to the complicity of laughter, to the emotions.

When you’ll watch it, you’ll be amazed by the historical beauty; I breathed the beauty in every square, in every sunset, in its narrow streets, in the smells of the stone and in the eyes of the sea.

I keep in my heart the sun and hospitality of Genoa, the sun that shines and lights, the sun that gives life.

I didn’t know that I would meet three wonderful women, that I would feel so good with them. Through their eyes, I discovered the city and I wish you lived it like I did.

You’ll fall in love like I did, when you watch this video.

Now the memories of the antique stalls, the flowers, the market, focaccia and the smell of the salt are crowding my memories. Fun and beauty in perfect symbiosis.

I suppose that I should invite you to watch the video and visit the city centre, but you must have a strong heart…what is here, you’ll live it yourself… with them, with me. Perhaps you won’t be used, for this reason, I warn you. I will never forget the girls, neither Genoa. I keep telling myself: “I shouldn’t have done this video”… life is impossible without Genoa… and I think that it will be the same for you.

I do not know if I got it, but I tried at my best.

This is what I brought back to Spain, this and… a jar of pesto!

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