The office in Manarola

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I’m in front of the office window, in Manarola.

There is a still sea, just whitened by a light gust of wind, clear in colour, and on the horizon you can see a half sun balanced on the skyline. On the right, in the background, the point heading towards the sky of Monviso, and to its right, my left, the snow-covered Alps bordering on the Maritimes towards Provence.
Having arrived by foot in the highest part of the town, in the church square the statues of Mario’s nativity scene stand out which cover the entire hill of the ‘Tre Croci‘ (‘Three Crosses’). From there, travelling the main road by car, the panorama opens up. Corsica, with its finger almost detached from the rest of the island, is enveloped in a sparkling red light which carves out its boundaries like on a map. Left, towards the east, much clearer and closer to us, are the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. One taller and stocky, the other wider and flatter. Always behind them are two or three boats with lights on and the ridges of Versilia.

I continue the journey by car among the autumnal emerald green and shiny brown. On my right are the enchanting hamlets of Tramonti. Galleria di Biassa, has a light which is immediately more suffused and from the blue sky rise the white summits of the Apennines, and then the Alps, always white. Lower down there is a calm sea with the splendid inlet of Lerici with nearby Tuscany in the background and other inlets to the west, heading towards Portovenere. There is a calm blanket of sea enlivened by moving boats suspended on the water. In the background is the blue of the curtains which close the theatre.

Just look where we are lucky enough to live!

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