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There’s an Italian, a Frenchman and a Spaniard… nooooo, I’m not telling you a joke, this is what the ‘Liguria Digital Diary’ was like. We chose, from 80 video makers, 10 young people from all over the world. Let’s get to know them: first three Italians who now live abroad: @Angelo (Paris), @Filippo (Sydney) and @Antonello (Madrid). Then there’s @Jonathan the South African, @Ruben (Spanish), @Olga and @Tatiana from St. Petersburg, @Jake and @Miguel (Canadians from Toronto) and the youngest of the group, @Simon (Geman).

The Agency staff who followed them will tell you about their Ligurian adventure and their videos, which will be online from the 12th December!

Barbara: I’m with them almost all week; I realise they’re professionals even though most of them are self-taught and gained experience take after take, edit after edit. They shoot everywhere, continuously. They film real people, experiences and the emotions which they are experiencing first-hand. Each of them has a theme to develop according to their style. The guys focusing on Genoa will portray the city as ‘So cool’, the Canadians will look at street food and they actually taste everything before filming, , perhaps to represent the flavours better… The Russian girls have a more surreal outlook and go round with an old mirror all week, filming the reflections of people and the surroundings. Then there are those who do the time-lapse and tilt-shift. Just how much do they know?

de ferrari fontana salto giovaniChiara R.: I follow the group for shots of Genoa, helping them capture a ‘cool’, musical, young, lively, multi-ethnic, colourful and surprising city. In Boccadasse, one cloudy afternoon with calm sea we stop in the bay to sing De André songs, chat with fishermen, follow cats along the pebbles and steal a kiss between two hidden teenagers. It is from that poetic corner ofGenoa that we then took them to the city, in the kasbah. We were met by a procession of percussion music with Africans, Asians and Europeans who drew us and others from the Old Port towards the vicoli (alleyways). Whilst the percussion became world music and dance, passers-by joined the group until theSan Lorenzo cathedral. Our video makers filmed this open-air dance in the streets of a city which is a symbol of theatre, performance, life, love and passion that comes from the soul.

vernazza cinque terre liguria turismo eventiYael: I can’t deny it. When they told me that they were doing a four-day Digital Diary in Genoa to show the cool side of the city I had a few nerves. I still didn’t know that four days of fun, laughs and rediscovery of my own city were awaiting me… breathtaking sprints to film the last rays of sun at Spianata Castelletto and long walks in the historic centre in search of Genoese street food. It was nice to see Genoa through their eyes, the charm and decadence of a place which does not leave you indifferent. It was great to proudly show them the nicest corners and hear “I’ve never seen anything like it!”. Magic suspense-filled moments: dark alleyways suddenly lit-up by the sun once you turn the corner, the enchanting dance of the dolphins in love at the Acquario, the captivating smell of the chocolates of Viganotti, the fresh preparation of pesto which, as always, is pure poetry.

san lorenzo cattedrale genova liguriaCristina: I couldn’t wait to meet them after they had taken their flights from all over the world: finally here they are! We want to discover Liguria through the eyes of the group. Getting to know them better one-by-one during our tour of westernLiguria I understood that the added value was their curiosity, their wish to discover and the astonishment in their eyes when faced with the beauty of our landscape. Dolceacqua with its medieval bridge, Cervo with the magnificent Corallini church, Noli admired from Palazzo Vescovile with its breath-taking views. Our unforgettable moments: from the incredible end of October sunset in Santo Stefano al Mare, to the improvised Russian dances at the wine bar in Dolceacqua and the lavish dinner in Noli. Now we’re all friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…

Speme: We meet in front of Priamar in Savona. After entering the fortress they disappear, drawn in by the stronghold and the view. The harbour gets their attention: the moving bridge is the ideal place for a time-lapse whilst the piers offer a great place for shots of the typical faces of the seaside personalities. Lenses photograph, the machines film, Digital Diary is in full swing! We set off again, destination Albenga, where we visit the olive groves with a sea view. The olive-pickers work attracts the video makers. The last shots of the day are saved for the beautiful sunset in Santo Stefano by the sea: everyone on the rocks, with the time-lapse cameras filming the sun which slowly goes down whilst we toast to Liguria with a beer.

castelletto spianata panorama genova vistaValentina: I accompany the group to the Riviera of Levante. It really seems like these guys have known each other for ever! “We like things easy”: we accompanied them to the Cinque Terre, Camogli and San Fruttuoso, how could we not win them over? By boat to Vernazza for a quick piece of focaccia, then by boat again towards Riomaggiore. The Canadians also had a swim in the crystalline waters, but they were a bit too chilly for us… it’s mid-October! Then a bus towards Volastra where we await the sunset among the vineyards. We arrived in Manarola in the dark; the next morning the hamlet awoke with us in silence, between a tranquil sea and steep jagged rocks typical of the area. After breakfast we leave for Camogli, here we help prepare Recco’s ‘focaccia al formaggio’ which we then taste, licking our fingers! We reached San Fruttuoso by boat and here the group took numerous shots of the bay and the abbey; a final salute to Camogli, we await the sunset together.

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