Cinque Terre: joy and emotion

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Cinque Terre is synonymous with joy and emotion.

monterossoExcursions by land and sea allow you to enter the territory. I swim the confines of this area, where the waves flow in continuous dialogue with the rocks. Sometimes a bit of foam, sometimes so still they seem asleep. I swim and watch, the confines are not as simple as they look, the rocks descend and gather in its coves and on the plateaus is a soft, flowing plant-life. Discovery by swimming makes me go, continue and turn back.

I forget to breath, I don’t want to have to. My legs and arms move on their own and when my head comes back to the surface it’s like it has lost something.

corniglia cinque terreThe water is tranquil, embracing, with a unique taste. After tasting it there’s no other like it. I touch it and recognise it. The fish which I see seem like friends, they make me smile and in reality my heart is smiling. I fix images in my sight, in my life.

I like following a sea path for the sense of belonging which it gives you, it fills you, it makes me feel at home. Like when you take trails and your shoes hit stones which create that music-like sound which invites you to continue.
It is a congregation of land and sea, sun and sky, fields and little walls. It is a confusion of emotions. I need to stop and take a deep breath…give thanks. Thanks for being there, for having the possibility to experience, appreciate and live the Cinque Terre. It would also be difficult to choose a favourite…a favourite what? Like your aunt’s questions when you were a child ‘who do you love the most?’ Love is not divided but multiplied. There are 5 and each, for its own personal reason, has a different love. The first is without parallel, Riomaggiore was the door to my adventure there, when I cross it, follow the Lissa, I feel at peace. Manarola has its fields which you can touch, cross with humility and if you want they can take you back to your spiritual side.


Vernazza has a lively air, a continuous party, sparking colours and a long look into the horizon from the arms of Ventegà port. Arriving at Corniglia means smelling the perfume of the Helichrysum, to see Caper bushes, to touch Euphorbias. It is here that you understand the seagulls and their joy of flying. In Monterosso you can stop, because seeing the other 4 from here is a unique sight. Each has its own sanctuary. The important thing is to try everything; here there is the beach, the exquisite sea, the parasols. Mesco is a treasure trove, beautiful from land and sea. At night-time fishing lamps light up its waters.

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