Kayak at Balzi Rossi: Liguria… I can’t believe it!

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When you have super sporty friends who, when faced with a summit to climb, say to you “But it’s so easy!” every Sunday you find yourself involved in an adventure which you always hope to be able to tell to your colleagues about on Monday.

So, when we decided to organise a Sunday canoeing in the Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia, my German side got the better of me and I contacted a local association with kayak instructors who on the phone reassured me “You’ll see, it’s really easy!”… oh well you’re all the same!

Destination: Ventimiglia, Balzi Rossi. Here my Italian side proposed a small aperitivo, there’s a little bar on the beach which seems very Mexican. Canapés and Spritz, we feel on holiday even if we’re only two hours from home. The city is in another galaxy in space and time. Imperceptible.

Now we’re raring to go, do people still say that? We take thousands of photos which we cruelly share with friends for who #alwaysmakeupexcuses! A colourful group of kayaks means a fantastic trip for everyone, really.

We are radiant and even I feel in perfect syntony with the kayak. I feel my abdominals stretching and my arms saying “Well done, carry on like this!”. Happy and sporty I ask my instructor if I’m going well and he says:

One of the first rules to keep in mind when you are learning how to canoe and think you have understood everything is that you’re still wasting 80% of your energy


Keep note of these names: Balzi Rossi, Capo Mortola and Latte. Stupendous places, crystalline water to say the least, Maritime pines and agaves which reflect on the water which takes on turquoise and green hues. A perfumed marine paradise, fresh and sparkling. I think the video gets the idea across.

P.s. If you’re wondering if I’m the blonde one in the video who says “I can’t believe it!” with a vaguely eastern accent… that’s not me!

And all the photos on Pinterest!

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