Liguria that changes your life

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Good opportunities find it difficult to escape me. It is with the honed instinct of a girl in search of new experiences that I find myself at dawn one morning with a very talented video maker, Alessandro Beltrame, shooting a video on the outdoors in the far west of Liguria. Alessandro, between you and me, is a personality; he’s travelled the world from Antarctica to Canada and is dynamic and generous with his stories. The day is crazy, ideal for filming. We arrive in Dolceacqua where Stefano from the cooperative ‘Super Natural’ and some friends, professional mountain bikers and racing bikers, are waiting for us. I feel a bit like the mascot of the group, all professionals in their field then me, perhaps fortunate in choosing the right track…whilst we travel towards the woods of Gouta by minibus to prepare the free-ride shots we pass 1.200 m in altitude. I’m sitting near Stefano.

He tells me about a man who lived to work, he had a house but only slept there, a dog and a fantastic bike but he couldn’t benefit from them. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his job, but at a certain point he said ‘I’m changing my life’. From the centre he moved to the outskirts of Liguria, finding time to pamper his dogs and ride his bike every evening. Stefano then talks to me in the first person: he chose to live in Val Nervia and founded the Super Natural association to create a network of professional sporting services born from the earth’s natural elements, from water and air.

Therefore trekking, mountain biking, freeriding, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and from next year the most impalpable element, paragliding.

Enough chatting, the work starts. There’s a frenzy. The guys get dressed and make a scene whilst Alessandro and I prepare the filming equipment. I can’t believe it. We’re also going to use a remote-control helicopter for the aerial shots. Then the steady cam and handheld cameras, everything necessary for great cinema. This is how my first run starts. The guys on the mountain bikes throw themselves onto the tracks and the drone follows them in flight.

I imagine what it’s like seeing this spectacle from above, enjoying the air space and the speed of the bikes which seem to blaze through the land which has been weathered by the sun.

Whoever sees this video will notice the brooms in full bloom which seem to cushion the sun, and that in the woods the mist seems like a special effect…I think this video should travel the world to show everyone that Liguria is better than a 3D action film. I’m dreaming whilst wide awake, like this Liguria changed the life of Stefano, it could also do so for me, and today I have found my path.

I have always travelled, firstly on shoulders, then with a backpack, now often with a suitcase. But my…

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